Still Missing

murphy_liza2I hear about real-life cold cases all the time, murders and disappearances that go unsolved for years. These cases are tragic for the loved ones of the victims and maddening for the investigators who can’t get to the bottom of what happened to the person. One case was recently brought to my attention, the disappearance of Liza Murphy, a middle-aged mother of three, from suburban Emerson, New Jersey.

Liza was last seen August 19, 2007, and by all indications she did not abandon her family by choice. She and her husband had a rocky relationship, to put it mildly. Days after she disappeared, he threw himself in front of a speeding fire truck to commit suicide, but he survived and recovered from his injuries. He then stopped cooperating with police efforts to locate his wife. Investigators believe that in all likelihood Liza is now deceased, but the circumstances of her death remain a mystery.

Take a look at the details of her case,, particularly if you were in the Bergen County, New Jersey, area in the summer of 2007. If you know anything that you think might help with this investigation, please contact Thanks.


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