The Iceman Speaks

These videos contain audio clips from an interview I did with mass-murderer Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski in 1992 at Trenton State Prison in New Jersey. In the first he gives his philosophy of life. In the second he discusses mobster Roy DeMeo of the Gambino family who used him as a hitman. In the third he talks about one of his favorite weapons, the Derringer. We were locked into the “lawyer’s room,” just the two of us, no barrier between us, no guards in sight. The tapping you hear is him drumming his fingers on the table. The banging is the sound of doors slamming out in the hallway. We were together for five and a half hours without a break. Initially he was jovial, but throughout he was cautious and often evasive. There were several intense moments when I asked him about things he didn’t want to discuss, which elicited what investigators called his “shark look.” His face froze, and his eyes rolled back in his head the way a shark’s does before it bites. It lasted only a moment, but it was terrifying. These clips will give you a taste of what it was like to be with a man who claimed to have killed over 100 people and felt no remorse whatsoever.

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