I feel like a dope

Was I under a rock or what?  I knew graphic novels existed, of course, but never paid much attention to them.  My loss.  I’ve recently read a few (100 Bullets, Ronin, and A Sickness in the Family) and I am blown away.  These are not the illustrated classics I remember from my youth.  This form is a whole different animal, and I’m very envious.  I’ve sweated over many a paragraph, trying to describe the mixture of emotions a character is feeling, and it never seems to come out right.  But illustrations with the right words pinpoints exactly what the creators’ want to convey with economy and speed.  Straight prose seems clumsy  by comparison.  The good graphic novels move like movies but go deep emotionally.  I want to write one!  I want to write a bunch!  I keep thinking of all the stories I have saved up that would work so much better as graphic novels.  I’m exploring the possibilities, wondering how a long-time novelist can break in.  Any suggestions?

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