What’s up with me

Greetings!  This is the first post in my new blog, and I promise not to bore you with stories about my cats, the agony of writer’s block, what I had for breakfast or any of the typical mundane crap people tend to put in blogs.  I will do my best to live by the immortal words of Sergeant Joe Friday: “Just the facts.”

So here’s what’s up with me.  The film version of my book, THE ICEMAN, is moving forward.  Locations have been scouted, and casting is under way.

My latest novel, BLEEDERS, has been submitted to about a dozen publishers, and I’m waiting with fingers crossed for some offers.  It features FBI profiler “Trisha McCleery” and my plan is to make BLEEDERS the first in a new series.  I’ve already outlined the sequel.

As always, I’m fishing around for new book ideas, and I’m toying with one for a series of semi-comic crime thrillers in the same vein as my BAD series.  I’ll let it ferment for a week, and if it still sounds good, I’ll start putting words on paper.  Stay tuned–I’ll keep you posted.

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